Sled Dog Doppelbock by Wagner Valley Brewing Co – FLB Featured Beer

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Sled Dog Doppelbock by Wagner Valley Brewing Co – FLB Featured Beer

Finger Lakes Brew is pumped about the Sled Dog Doppelbock from Wagner Valley Brewing Co. So pumped that we decided to feature it as this months featured beer of the month. Check it out…

What was the inspiration for this beer and when did you first brew it?

Sleddog is one of our flagship beers that follows Reinheitsgebot, a standard we followed for many years.  The recipe was developed by our first brewer, Andrew Cummings.

Why did you choose the name “Sled Dog Doppelbock” for this beer?

We chose the name Sled Dog because it was originally released as a winter beer. It was so popular and requested that we turned it into a year round beer, but never changed the name because everyone knows it. People don’t usually ask for a doppelbock, they ask for Sled Dog

Are there any foods that you feel this particular beer compliments really well?

Gjetost cheese, trust me, just get some.  Mac n cheese, chili, Comfort foods in general … chicken pot pie!

What mood should someone be in when they decide to drink Sled Dog Doppelbock?

Ready for a pleasant surprise 😉

Your website has a picture of two people sharing a flight overlooking the lake which looks beautiful. Is the Sled Dog Doppelbock a usual choice included in a flight? If so, what other beers of yours would go well within the same flight?

We have several different flight options that change based on the season and availability, sled dog is always in at least one. Here’s a tasty flight with doppel:  Vienna Lager >> Maple or Coffee Porter >> Sled Dog Doppelbock >> Reserve Trippelbock

I understand that Sled Dog Doppelbock is available in 6 packs. If someone can’t make it to Wagner Valley Brewing Company, where can they find it?

Right now we are only distributed in Central NY /Finger Lakes NY. We hope to expand soon to the Metro (NYC) area.  People can refer to our beerfinder on our website for more information – we do the best we can to keep that updated!

What would you say to someone who is about to try the Sled Dog Dopplebock for the very first time?

You’ll be surprised that it’s an 8.5% beer because it doesn’t drink that heavy or that dark; it’s deceivingly smooth and easy to drink. This is a great beer for people who are just getting their feet wet in the craft beer scene. People who claim not to like craft beer, or beer at all, tend to really like this one.

To find out more about Wagner Valley Brewing Co, visit their website.

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